The LBA Group was founded in 1966 as Davis, Presser & LaFaye. Over the last 50 years, the firm has undergone a few name changes, but one thing has remained consistent – our commitment to the success of our clients.

Now, 50 years later, the firm is the largest accounting, consulting and wealth advisory firm based in North Florida. With over 100 professionals and team members focused on providing Five Star Client Service to clients, business affiliates, and each other, The LBA Group is well positioned to continue to serve the businesses, nonprofits and families of North Florida for the next 50 years.



We welcome you into the world of LBA. Hear from the partners and take a behind the scenes look into how the firm started, what our culture is today and where we think we are heading in the next 50 years. Each partner also gives you a sneak peek into what they would be doing if they weren’t a CPA. Coincidentally, their “alter ego” career directly relates to how they serve their clients every day.

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Richard Brock takes care of his clients in the same manner a physician takes care of his or her patients. With the assurance that he is truly taking care of them, clients are fiercely loyal. #RBcares #theBinLBA
Richard's Biography

Neal Von Stein never shies away from a project and he is NOT afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirt under his fingernails. #letsdothis Neal's Biography

Bill Shelton is meticulous when it comes to helping his clients build a successful practice or business. He starts from the ground up and ensures no stone is left unturned to assist his clients in building a business that sits on a strong foundation. #foundation #blueprints
Bill's Biography

Curt Castetter loves tinkering around on cars and motorcycles - the quest to perfectly tune a motor to achieve pinnacle performance. He brings that same approach to his clients. #welloiledmachine
Curt's Biography

Rob Hinckley can smoke some mean ribs. But it takes patience, attention to detail (you can’t get that rub recipe wrong) and a lot of love. Yep, pretty much what he brings to the table every day. #grillmaster #taxmaster Rob's Biography

Eric Martinez brings the same commitment and intensity to serving his audit clients as he does to his workouts. #commitment #dedication
Eric's Biography

Rich Shlafer’s advice to his clients is music to their ears. He has been a trusted advisor to many of his clients for decades. #harmony Rich's Biography

Jamie's content here.

Jamie Thomas makes the world of LBA rock. Working with a firm full of accountants and consultants who have personalities unsquared makes mixing it up all the more fun. #djjazzyjamie #letsdance
Jamie's Biography

Joey Cummings has coached a lot of ball in his lifetime. Developing the perfect strategy for the win is exactly what he does with his clients. #winner
Joey's Biography

Harry Parsons can rock a client relationship like nobody’s business. His calm and encouraging demeanor earns the respect of his clients as he helps them navigate mergers and acquisitions with confidence. But when the deal is done? #rockonbaby
Harry's Biography

Jim White works with his clients every day to ensure their practices and businesses are passing the litmus tests and are meeting or exceeding benchmark statistics within their industry. #balanced Jim's Biography

Ed Grenadier is a straight shooter. His solid advice has entrusted him to his clients for almost 50 years. Whether they need help on their long game or a quick, short putt, they call Ed first. #hitemstraight
Ed's Biography

Billy Morrow is pretty sure he was born in the wrong era. He also fights for his clients. #warrior
Billy's Biography

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